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make space

for the healing possibilities within


Every inhale needs an exhale.
So, let the bullshit go and breathe.
Give yourself some space;
a place to pause & play…
a moment to seek stillness
while still seeking.
It's here. It's infinite. 


bōdhi spāce

“If you want to view paradise, simply

look around and view it.”

  • Wonka


What is bōdhi spāce

Bōdhi Spāce is a human collage; a space we hold for ourselves and for each other. Our space is one we create together, anywhere, where we as emotional/mental/physical/spiritual beings can commune with and embody a more conscious, compassionate & healthfully balanced approach to the great ritual of life.

By simply BE-ing we may, together, find divine balance through meaningful moments that rejuvenate the true self. With the use of energy healing, body work, plant medicine, perspective, connection & love, Bōdhi Spāce strives to help each person find what they are seeking in themselves and to take root in their own body for a blossoming life. Let us cultivate inner stillness & holistically explore our awareness above and below the surface of our own mental faculties.

In this way we may begin to embrace our shared reality with true intent and authentic direction.Through these unique co-created experiences, guided by truth, we can allow ourselves to drop the B.S. and find our b_s.

in love,

Bōdhi Spāce


may we move ever forward in our

waking dreams With both

feet in the earth and

a head in the clouds

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