“Being a part of bōdhi spāce is an incredible connection. Punya’s dedication, energy, and perspective really showcases that this lightwork is something that is not a choice, but rather an unquenchable passion for loving all and helping each individual that crosses her path. Keith’s dedication and knowledge really helped me in choices about my diet that I either haven’t practiced in sometime or just had no knowledge about. Having some inflammatory issues with my skin, both of them were able to help me create harmony and balance with that issue, as well as ways to practice more ceremonial approaches to nourish, enjoy, and give thanks to items that enter in my body. The consistent ways I was directed to focus my intention and energy have served me well. Truly believing that right here, right now is the happiest place to be will set you free from pain. Uncertainty and fear is always present; so how can you show up completely to encourage happiness and wholeness?!”

- Derik Porth, Buffalo NY

ascension series

Now that you have had your initial Discovery Session we may take greater strides forward on your journey of health, self-love and transformation.

3 Series* - Get inspired by this kaleidoscope approach where we intertwine tablework & private consultation for an invigorating reboot. Learn how to better connect to plant medicine and therapeutic means of nourishment, Release what is dampening your joy and success, & feel physical, emotional and mental balance.

  • 1 energetic nutrition & Chinese herbalism consultation

  • 1 workshop

  • 1 tablework session

$544* ($611 value)

5 Series* -
A full spectrum of healing modalities assist you on your path towards better self understanding and balance in this Ascension Series of 5. Utilize planetary insight, plant medicine, deep meditation & private consultation to assist you in moving towards higher consciousness and greater health.

  • 1 energetic nutrition & Chinese herbalism consultation

  • 1 workshop

  • 1 tablework session

  • 1 intro to your natal chart

  • guided meditation

$733* ($816 value)

6 Month Series* - If you're prepared to completely alchemize your life and unleash your warrior within, then let us take you deeper into our 6 month "Living your Purpose in Bliss" coaching package. This offering is a tranformational life blessing that will alter the world you presently live in, Remember your power and thrive in liberation. Are you prepared to discover your greatness?

If this is work that interests you, please mention it in your Discovery Session!

*Discovery Session fees are deducted from cost of selected Ascension Series.

*Payment plans available