evolutionary coaching

Pause and take a moment to listen to the guidance of your higher self coming through. Much of the time the mind controls and restricts the flow of our own happiness. It creates worry and stress, when all it truly needs is to be in this now to receive from fullest presence. We're here to provide insight as we hold space to hear your story and offer tools to alchemize your through difficulty.

$200 / session

discovery session

Please complete and email your Discovery Session questionnaire before scheduling this service.

For those looking to dive deep and work extensively with us, we offer an initial Discovery Session that will inspire you to heal the turmoil within. In this consultation we will have a reading, discuss why you have chosen to seek healing, what you feel is disrupting your personal peace & momentum and which Ascension Series is most appropriate for you (3 series, 5 series or 6 month series). Together we will formulate a blueprint of ascension to assist you in breaking down barriers, regaining optimum balance and unveiling your untethered purpose.

$222/ session

*Discovery Session fees are deducted from cost of selected Ascension Series.

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