guided meditation

A customized journey to assist you in accessing your deeper intuition. Take a more active approach in your healing, where you as an expression of the infinite are guided to connect the pieces in your life to bring clarity to any concern or curiosity. 

$100/ session


"Punya has been a strength and grounding energy that I have needed these past few months. Punya is incredibly kind and welcoming. Her space and energy will allow you to feel true peace and quiet. Punya has been guiding me through meditations to help find inner peace and the stillness I seek. I always feel refreshed, confident, and relaxed for days after our sessions.
While I was hesitant to turn to meditation at first ,but after my first session with Punya I was able to be open to this incredible new experience. I highly recommend Punya and Bodhispace if you are ready and seeking inner peace and happiness. It has been such a blessing to experience and I could not thank her enough!"
-Mattia, Buffalo NY

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