Imbolc, Chinese New Year & an Aquarian new moon!


We are now in the second month of 2019 and the inspiration is beginning to sprout. Imbolc, the halfway point between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox, is a Pagan celebration honoring the return of light back on our Earth; a promise of spring. The season brings a new energy that flutters sensations of a brighter tomorrow. You may even be feeling the anticipation of this new blossoming stirring within as our internal light is vitalizing in order to meet the reflection of fertile grounds laden with budding seeds of upliftment & hope.

We also celebrate Chinese New Year as we enter the year of the Earth pig. This yin energy calls us to commune and nourish together. It marks a time of abundance and wealth to be shared with those we cherish. May the year of the Earth pig bring about rest and soft strength experienced through the light hearted nature of the pig. During this time of earthly delights and innocent joy be aware of the increasing urge to become sedentary and indulgent. Enjoy the finer points of 2019 but don't lose yourself to the temptations of maya. Focus on maintaining your place...perfectly between Heaven and Earth

The New Moon in Aquarius on Monday 2/4, invites us to open to the infinite potential of our expanded possibilities. Motivated with future thinking, Aquarius blows the winds of transformation knowing that anything is attainable when one simply believes. As the light restores our belief expands. In a paradigm of awakening consciousness we no longer settle for the ideology of lack; arguing for our limitations and depleting ourselves by freely giving away our power. Rather, we are encouraged to collectively choose our world of creation by painting the colorful canvas with our dream seeds. Every fiber of our being extends our magic into the world we're submerged in. As a "mastery year" we must remember that we each play our part in the great weaving of this human tapestry. Not one individual goes unnoticed for every person is a unique representation of their own heART. Through all the colors, shapes, varieties, and sizes, we craft ONE beating heart, pulsating our remembrance...that right here, right now, we are home; guided with the light of love.

-Create your ritual-

Things to contemplate for this New Moon

Am I happy?
What are ways I can make myself more happy? Is that dedicating more time for myself, honoring self love by prioritizing my needs first - Is that starting my day with saying 5 things I'm grateful for - Do I like my job - Am I thriving in my relationship...
How am I giving back to those I care for? Strangers - the world at large...
Am I showing up fully? Communicating from my heart - Acting from a glass half full perspective - Doing my best - Leading with a loving attitude to all...
Am I using technology wisely, or mindlessly scrolling/searching? How am I being accountable for my energy while using technology?
What are my goals? 1 week goals - 1 month - 3 months - 6 months...

<3 b_s

Punya Iabhya