A Piscean New Moon


As the dark moon of Pisces flows into our world, a dreamlike realm appears to electrify us back into the waking breath of life.

This is the last dark moon before Spring Equinox, where Spring returns, and Winter retreats until next year. We have been lingering in the abyss of our internal space as we’ve spent most of our time hibernating, returning home to deepen our relationship to self and nourish in the medicine of Yins compassionate embrace. This has been a time needed to go inward so love could return to ourselves, rest honored, rejuvenation fueled, and clarity placed before diligent action.

Alas, Pisces season marks the end of the year in Astrological space. Home in the planet of Neptune, Pisces is a highly intuitive and creative sign. She has this magical way of feeling & expressing all of the signs before her because she IS all of the signs before her. In this space, we are invited to reflect upon this “past year”, share appreciation for what has been, all the shadow and all the light, and prepare for the New Year’s horizon of Aries season; watering our seedlings to birth our new life into form.

Do you dare to dream your wildest passions into physical form? The veil is thin, the mystical mystery weaves through our human exploration and many dimensions can be felt on this sacred eve. Will you remember that you are born sacred? That it is your divine birthright to embody enchantment through the mundane. This world can be anything we make of it! Our current has been completely sculpted by humans, so we ask you, how are you playing your part in the great pioneering of a golden paradigm where we are empowered and liberated?

New Moons present new beginnings. Think about it…you’re only one decision away from a completely new life! How infinite is that realization?! You have the power in every action you make to alter the course of your existence. You are the painter of your own canvas of breathing experience art, where the color, style, and story are completely curated by you. So…what new beginnings are your brewing up for yourself in this mastery year? How can you elevate your life by choosing to thrive as opposed to just survive? Abundance is not outside of you…you are divinely conjured of it, as a celestial soul – stars wrapped in flesh - you are a walking miracle. It’s time to live this awareness. Live it for yourself…live it for me…live it for we. Let us flower a transformed reality for the collective consciousness, from the wisdom of our willed design, creating change & hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Desire to try something fun? This is an exercise we do with our clients…

Dream up your Ideal Life. If money and time were no obstacle, how would the willed design life of your dreams be orchestrated? Who would be with you in this life? Where would you be living? What would you be doing with your time? There is no limitation, only infinite possibility when you use your imagination. The problem is, many of us have not granted ourselves permission to imagine a fantasy world of our own making. A world that is in fact achievable; you just have to get it out of you to be put on paper, so the you, as the Universe, can acknowledge it. Let go of lack mindset and practical matters, it’s holding you back from accessing your alchemical power. This New Moon in Pisces guides you to become the wizard of your own making and relish in your Ideal Life; it’s yours and you are so deserving of it.    

May the water of life purify its flow within you.

Punya Iabhya