Lets b_s!


The insanely beautiful thing about the internet is the fact that it connects the majority of humanity in a way that has, to our limited knowledge, never before been possible. When we think about singular consciousness amongst all men does the internet equate to a human manifestation of this metaphysical concept? 

Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t, maybe my words look like gibberish but thats not what i'm particularly interested in. I just want to know if you thought about it. I want to know what your thoughts are on the question, yes, but i would absolutely LOVE to know what ELSE it made you think about.

This “blog” is about that exploration and that exchange. We are holding space for sharing, discussing, and understanding to the best of our ability what it means to interact in a way that honors every individual. This manifestation of consciousness we call the internet can be a healthy way for us to grow with every new perspective we encounter and every new idea we face. 

We will share ideas (probably about plants and planets and healing and magic and love and life!) and feelings and moments and you'll share ideas and feelings and moments and hopefully we’ll make eachother think a bit and we will all have grown from that interaction. Thats what its all about isn't it? Is it? I suppose it should be…

Make space. 

Let’s b_s.

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