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Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

float, release, adapt

Call upon the element of air for air is the rhythm of life. Air reminds us to move freely without stagnation as the wind whips through the lowest valleys and climbs the highest peaks bringing with it new life and energy. May we be reminded in our toughest moments to breath in the air that is all around us and to release what might otherwise fester causing imbalance and pain. Light as air…we move ever forward.

Magnolia Leaf
Mitti Attar
Other essential oils

Use: Spritz this mist to release and adapt a space or aura and call upon these plant teachers and guides to assist in your intentional manifestations. 4-5 spritzes should do the trick...or simply douse yourself! Any practice and ritual is appropriate.

*All 4 elements available together in a set of 4 (as seen in nature).

8 oz.

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