crimson tantrika

crimson tantrika


Herbal Tincture

…for warming and tonifying, nourishing the spirit and igniting your inner spark of vitality. May this tincture heighten your sense of authentic intimate self appreciation and provide a lens of love with which to view the world more clearly. Healing starts within.

He Shou Wu

Ritual: Blessed one, place one hand on your heart and the other right below your naval. Close your eyes and feel into the depth of this moment for yourself, breathing and being. Find the peace within your passionate heart and set an intention for loves devotion. This intention can be rooted in the love of self, for another, or for our collective world; allow the soft voice within to guide you. When you feel ready, shake your bottle, and serve yourself a dropper full of the Crimson Tantrika (you may have to squeeze the dropper a couple of times for a full dose). Remain here for at least 30 seconds, give thanks and allow these plant spirits to amplify your heart space.

Take whenever you feel called. We recommend every day until your bottle runs out.

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