Dearest Divine

Dearest Divine


Ritual Gift Box

This ritual gift box is designed to aid you in your heart journey and to connect you to the healing possibilities provided to us by Mother Nature. Aromatherapy, traditional plant medicines and an intention filled ceramic vessel are the perfect tools for opening the heart, dissolving emotional walls of isolation and re-connecting you to the love that is our universe.

cosmic divinity (10ml): A blend of high vibrating oils that assist you in translating the messages of the Universe by opening the upper chakras (Heart, Crown, and Third Eye). With this ability comes true presence. Have the rose oil experience and know bliss. Whatever you do, do it in love.

insightful heart - blessed cacao offering (5.5oz.): ethically sourced, sustainable, naturally processed cacao blended with complimentary heart opening herbal medicines with the intention of consciously guiding you into your heart space. May this ceremonial cacao remind us that love already exists, like the air we breath, infinitely within and around us.

ceremonial ceramics: Spirit guided earthenware cups channeled with the vibration of love. Each vessel carries a unique imprint of intention to assist us in creating positive change in our lives and on this planet. Mary Rose, the artist, is a receptive healer and ceramist based in Los Angeles.

*see individual offerings for ingredients and inspirations

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