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Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

center, stabilize, become

Call upon the element of Earth to help ground you into the physical experience of humanity. Mother Earth and her trees, soil, shrubs and fungi all assist us in our connection to this plane of existence. In our pursuit of spiritual enlightenment it is important that we remember our roots. We are divinely crafted and our physical nature is half of our being. Do not forsake your Earth.

White Fir
Black Spruce
Other essential oils

Use: Spritz this mist to ground and stabilize a space or aura and call upon these plant teachers and guides to assist in your intentional manifestations. 4-5 spritzes should do the trick...or simply douse yourself! Any practice and ritual is appropriate.

*All 4 elements available together in a set of 4 (as seen in nature).

8 oz.

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