Equinox Box

Equinox Box


Rise & Renew

May this Equinox Box assist your transition into the season of Aries and a time of spring. Reboot and fuel up because now is the time to put action to your life!

Optimize Blend: Get ‘er done! get energized and get focused to work on your passions. When the 9-5 is eating you alive make sure you still have drive to breathe life into your dreams. Afterall, that's where the magic happens.

Wild Orange
Douglas Fir
Other Essential Oils

Fire Aura Mist: Call upon the element of fire to fuel your inner sun, spark creativity and ignite the sensual experience of life! Fire burns bright and moves quickly, licking the edges of all it touches. Like a phoenix, we rise into a new day, a new outlook, a new sense of self.

Other essential oils

Choose Wisely Deck: An interactive card game that encourages collaborative exchange, authentic sharing, and joyous reminiscing. Our good friend Tyrus creates these decks and the miracles we've witnessed with their magic is truly awe-inspiring. If you're seeking joy with loved ones, seek no more.

Rise & Renew Prayer: Our words cast spells. Speak these words out loud for the Universe to hear!

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