golden guidance

golden guidance


Ritual Gift Box

This ritual gift box is designed to assist you in optimizing vital energies and balancing your chakras in order to ward of psycho-somatic blockage and imbalance. Aromatherapy & traditional plant medicines work in tandem to bring you to higher states of consciousness and physical/spiritual/mental/emotional harmony.

golden child (100ml): A tincture for balancing, harmonizing, energizing & protecting. May this tincture brighten your life by supporting proper physiological function, reducing inflammation, stimulating immunity, calming the spirit & opening the third eye. Our bodies are vessels of the spirit and by ensuring proper rhythmic physical function our spirits are better able to harmoniously co-exist. Health is the portal to happiness.

Chakra - an alignment blend (10ml): This aromatic blend of plant friends all merge together to assist in tuning and centering your energies. By aligning the chakras you are more easily able to manifest your desires. Remove blockage and stagnation that may be preventing you from fully experiencing the life you live. Take charge of the integrity of your affirmations.

*see individual offerings for ingredients and inspirations

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