light of night

light of night


a protection blend

Feel confidence and protection as you journey into the shadow. Know you are light and know that without the darkness you would cease to exist. It is these two together that shape our perception. Knowledge is power and duality is the way.

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Inspirations: Don’t you know, dear one, that no matter how dark the world may seem that you are made of the light of stars wrapped in skin.

“Look at how a single candle can both define and defy the dark.”

- Anne Frank

Use: Roll this scent across your skin as guided by your intuition. Set your intention and be reminded throughout the day that you are, with the help of these plant medicines, divinely guided along your path of self realization. Our favorite points of application are at the wrists and just behind the ears where blood runs closest to the skin enhancing the aroma and in turn, the intention.


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