lucid prophet

lucid prophet


Herbal Tincture

…for soothing, sedating & promoting restful sleep, mental clarity, releasing trauma & exposing subconscious patterns of fear. May this tincture awaken self sovereignty so you may live in alignment; prosperous and liberated from fear and psycho-somatic imbalance. Dreaming can be a powerful tool used in your vision quest towards harmony and complete self understanding.

Blue Lotus
California Poppy
Fly Agaric
Red Sage

Ritual: Simply close your eyes & feel into becoming the God of your waking reality. Set your intention. Visualize a place of magic where the worlds are bridged and our imagination encouraged; a place where anything is possible and limitations cease to exist. The astral plane of dreams provides a familiar place of wonder where we visit each eve and remember our childlike nature. When you feel ready, shake your bottle, and serve yourself a dropper full of the Lucid Prophet (you may have to squeeze the dropper a couple of times for a full dose). Remain here for at least 30 seconds, give thanks and prepare for dreamtime adventures.

Take in the evening, whenever you feel called. We recommend, for beginners, 4 nights in a row.

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