"My session with Punya on money beliefs allowed me to identify some very deep seeded blocks that I didn't know previously existed. Her guiding presence and use of Reiki, NLP Theta healing, and muscle testing enabled me to recognize that my ego was afraid of what would happen if I stepped into my full earning capacity. The session was so transformational that a few weeks later when I gave my own "Money Manifestation" workshop, I felt as though I was completely channeling from source energy. I simply allowed the universe to guide me and as a result my workshop was the most popular one I've ever given. I can't wait to see where her coaching guides me next!"

-Lindsay Amico, Buffalo NY

workshops - one on one

Limiting Belief / Abundance

Take a journey into your power by feeling into a world lived fully where there are no limitations to your desire. It is your divine birthright to thrive in the body, mind, and spirit you reside in. Somewhere along your journey, expectations, programs, and conditions deprived you of the glory that has always been yours. You are deserving of abundance & prosperity in whatever fashion you feel fitting. Through Neuron Linguistic Programming, Theta healing, Muscle testing, and Reiki, Punya will assist in re-wiring your belief structure so you may feel worthy & deserving of your greatness once again.

Taoist practices & principles

Learn meditation techniques and movements that have helped many for thousands of years remain calm, centered, healthy, and strong. Address specific functions of the body & spirit through breathe, movement, vocalization, color visualization & intention setting. Better maintain self realization through the use of these techniques in your day to day and build a practice that can support a lifetime of joy, compassion, balance & harmony.

$250 / session

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